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Welcome to this traditional Chinese medicine blooming garden!

​ This is a house of treasure in the knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine. It contains many Traditional Chinese medicine records, classic recipes, as well as traditional Chinese medicine formula answers and questions, and clinical research articles. It provides full illustrations and detailed information as well.  Click here, you can find what you want to know about each Chinese herbs, each prescription, or clinical cures and prescriptions validated by experienced doctors.  And help you to a better understanding of scientific research and clinical application of contemporary Chinese medicine formulations reform and new product of TCM formula granules.  We will continue to publish doctors’ prescriptions, TCM maintenances, TCM diets and open forums.  The aims of the “TCM Treasures” are to allow Chinese medicine professionals to continue honing and sharing their practices and also become a favorite for the public to continue monitoring their health.

​ "Treasure of Traditonal Chinese Medicine" will gradually set up different sections including Chinese medicine doctors' prescription, TCM Healthy Theory, Food Theory and Academic forums. Our purpose is let "Treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine" become a Chinese medicine professional and public a practical benefit healthy garden.