Annual dinner with the Association of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Picture with a Traditional Chinese Medicine college President, Ben Wu

On the exhibition (2008)

Get a large TV to lucky draw on TCM Acupuncture Society

Chinese medicine granules, instant ready to drink, authentic, safe, effective, convenient

Explain to the masses and promoted

Free consultant in the exhibition site

People visited our exhibited products

On the lecture and seminar

The lecture and seminar promoted new product of Chinese medicine granules 

Promotion of new product of Chinese medicine granules speech

Visit E-Fong supercritical carbon dioxide extraction device

Visit E-Fong cryo-concentration workshop 

Picture with E-Fong Mr. Tao, Executive Direction & Mr. Tam, General Manager(2007)

Company Activity Highlights


​HUNSING ENTERPRISE LTD. was established in 1999. This company offers high quality traditional Chinese herbal medicine and healthy products meeting Canada’s stringent health requirement of alternative medicine. Hunsing Enterprise Ltd is the exclusive agent of Guangdong Yifang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd in Canada offering Yifang(E-FONG TM) concentrated Chinese herbal products. Guangdong Yifang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a innovative production base for prepared medicinal herbs, an experimental unit of the research and development of single concentrated Chinese herbal granules for prescription by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and designated experimental manufacturer by the State Food and Drug Administration. It was authenticated the GMP certificate by Health Canada, Australian TGA and Chinese SFDA. Yifang (E-FONG) Concentrated Chinese Herbal Products won the “National Certification of Chinese Herbal Medication” in China due to their high quality. From 1999, Hunsing Enterprise Ltd. has promoted the effective use of 500 kinds of Yifang (E-FONG) concentrated herbal products, which have received high praise from the public. We always put the client’s demand first and provide the best value and the best service. Our company’s products have liability insurance in Canada so that both the practitioners’ and public’s interests are protected. 


1/ ​Hunsing Enterprise Ltd.    

    We provide the best Chinese medicine granules and natural health products to Chinese medicine practitioners and health professionals. At the        

    same time, we supply high-quality and prevention medicine products for health and disease to the consumer public. 

2/ Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

    We provide the best and effective treatments by traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture services to patients. 

3/ TCM Treasures

    This is a house of treasure in the knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine. It contains many Traditional Chinese medicine records, classic recipes,

    as well as traditional Chinese medicine formula answers and questions, and clinical research articles. It provides full illustrations and detailed

    information as well.  Click here, you can find what you want to know about each Chinese herbs, each prescription, or clinical cures and prescriptions

    validated by experienced doctors.  And help you to a better understanding of scientific research and clinical application of contemporary Chinese

    medicine formulations reform and new product of TCM formula granules.  We will continue to publish doctors’ prescriptions, TCM maintenances, TCM

    diets and open forums.  The aims of the “TCM Treasures” are to allow Chinese medicine professionals to continue honing and sharing their practices

    and also become a favorite for the public to continue monitoring their health.



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On the World Chinese Medicine conference (2008)

President, Quanfu Zhou attended the 1st annual TCM World conference (2007)


Hunsing E-Fong Chinese Medicine Centre

Team Dinner
Our team on 2008 Trade Fair

Bottle products

Exchanged souvenirs with E-Fong Mr. Tao, Executive Director(1999)

Discuss business with E-Fong Executive Director, Mr. Tao (1999